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Concrete Floor Grooving for Slip Resistant Floors

Grooving Prevents Slipping and Abscesses, Increases Heat Detection and Lowers the Stress of your Cows! = More Production

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"Grooving Doesn't Cost ... It Pays!"

P & D Barn Floor Grooving has been grooving Americas Dairies for the past 20 plus years and millions of square feet!

Our business continues to grow through referrals from our customers. We sincerely "THANK YOU" for recommending us.

Concrete Floor Grooving Helps Prevent Loss

One of the BIGGEST problem farmers face is losing cows that injure themselves doing the splits on slippery concrete!

Barn Floor Grooving

When new cement is poured, most cement floor contractors will have grooves “floated” in the cement. The problem is that the grooves are rounded and they only go only in 1 direction.

Years of scraping and cleaning barn floor concrete can cause the floor to get polished and slick.

Another reason to groove concrete barn floors is that a cow can lose their footing while being “ridden” by another cow (through heat detection). Single cutting grooves in the cement provide minimal help ONLY if the cow slips in ONE DIRECTION!

Double cutting with our unique diamond pattern and mini grooves provides maximum protection by preventing hoof slippage in ALL DIRECTIONS!

When a farmer loses a cow to a “splits” injury, they risk losing not only the animal itself, but also a lot of potential revenue from milk production and the loss of good breeding stock.

Whether working on a freshly poured floor or one with existing grooves, I “groove” at an angle over the floated grooves, using my diamonds blades to give the original grooves a sharp 90 degree edge that helps protect the cows by enabling them to easily move in any direction, while allowing the farmer to scrape the floor clean without hitting the grooves.

Why Farmers Prefer to Work with P & D Barn Floor Grooving

Farmers prefer working with P & D Barn Floor Grooving because I pay attention to the movement of their cattle and the direction of travel, and position the grooves accordingly to give the cattle the best footing possible and true slip resistant flooring.

While diary farmers make up the majority of our barn floor grooving clientele, we also help prevent cattle injury for:

  • Stockyards
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Livestock Sales

Barn Floor Grooving

"P&D Grooving recently did some grooving to a newly purchased facility that had slick black concrete. P&D grooved the concrete so our high genomic cattle would not run the risk of falling and being injured. P&D was quick to respond and did an excellent job to accommodate our needs and communicated during the entire project."

Sexing Technologies (Read full testimonial)
Director of Livestock
Navasota, TX

"You did a great job with the grooving.  Pleased that you made them a little deeper this time."

Howard Bohl

Barn Floor Grooving

Accepting all Credit Cards with No Fees!

No upfront costs, no minimum requirements for the size of your project, and the BEST rates for making your operation "split-proof" and safe.

Contact us for more information on barn floor grooving, or call (608) 225-3595 to make YOUR concrete floors skid resistant and safe for YOUR cattle.

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