Why Farmers Prefer to Work with P & D Barn Floor Grooving

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Farmers prefer working with P & D Barn Floor Grooving because I pay attention to the movement of their cattle and the direction of travel, and position the grooves accordingly to give the cattle the best footing possible and true slip resistant flooring.

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Meet Doug

Doug Beahm

I have grooved for thousands of farmers, packing plants, slaughter yards and millions of square feet grooved throughout the U.S. 

I do the work myself to make sure every job is done the right way.

My grandfather was a farmer and I like to live by his motto:

Do a good job for a farmer and a handful will know about it;
Do a bad job and ALL farmers will know about it!

I take pride in a job well done, and can personally promise you nothing less!

I am looking forward to grooving for you!

Contact us for more information on barn floor grooving, or call (608) 225-3595 to make YOUR concrete floors skid resistant and safe for YOUR cattle.

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