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Safety Grooving Barn Floors Saves Lives of Expensive Dairy Cattle

concrete floor grooving for dairy cattle

Safety grooving of concrete floors in dairy barns helps farmers who might otherwise lose a good deal of time and money from destruction of milk cows. Animals that slip on a barn floor may sustain such serious injuries that they must be slaughtered. This is a serious loss to the owner of a carefully nurtured dairy cow. Unfortunately, the animals that seem most susceptible to slipping and falling are heifers just starting to give milk. This means that the farmer has been making an investment in the cow for about 2 years and is just ready to begin getting production from her when the animal is lost. Cows that are not injured usually need help to get back on their feet.

When floors are wet, cows are almost as likely to fall (the farmers say “spill”) as if walking on ice. Cows have trouble negotiating corners and quickly become nervous, making their milk production drop off. Both the cows and the workers learn to move very carefully, as if walking on eggs.


P&D Grooving recently did some grooving to a newly purchased facility that had slick black concrete. Sexing Technologies remodeled in a few places that cattle were going to be housed. P&D grooved the concrete so our high genomic cattle would not run the risk of falling and being injured. P&D was quick to respond and did an excellent job to accommodate our needs and communicated during the entire project.

Thanks Again,
Roger Breunig
Sexing Technologies
Director of Livestock

Page Summary: P and D Barn Floor Grooving will resurface your concrete dairy stall floors with scabbling, safety grooving & groove flooring. Serving WI, IL, IA and MN, P & D Barn Floor Grooving is a concrete contractor specializing in concrete resurfacing, scappling concrete floors diamond cut grooving to minimize dairy spills and falls.

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